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Email Traffic Center Glossary

blacklist - What does blacklist mean?

Blacklisting is the process of actively blocking emails based upon their origin. For example, an email provider like UT might blacklist all email originating from any email address that ends in "" because we know that a large amount of spam originates from

Unfortunately, this necessary process sometimes creates problems for legitimate users of blacklisted domains. Typically each email service provider has a process for an official representative to get his or her domain removed from a blacklist.

Blocked Emails - Why do emails get blocked?

Emails are typically blocked at the server or SMTP level for 4 reasons:

  1. Spam - detected by where the email originated from (e.g. a domain known for spam) or heuristically (the structure and content of the message)
  2. Bad recipient - the email is sent to an address that doesn't exist. Sometimes this is because the account has been deleted, but more often this is a method used by spammers to "phish" for valid email addresses.
  3. Rate control - Each computer is limited to sending a certain number of emails in a certain timeframe. This prohibits hacked computers from flooding the network with spam.
  4. Viruses - Emails with malicious files attached.

If you think an email has been blocked unnecessarily, please Contact the OIT HelpDesk online or by phone at 974-9900 immediately so that we may trace the problem.

Directory Services - What is UT Directory Services?

UT Directory Services is the service that houses the UT Directory: the "address book" of all UT users. From the Directory Services website, you can search for users information (note that search result sets and information are limited to prevent abuse), edit your own information, and perform account management functions. Your Directory Services "username" is your NetID.

Additonal Info:
UT Directory Services

E-Recruiting - What is E-Recruiting?

E-Recruiting is a web-based system enhancing the University of Tennessee's ability to manage its employment process.

Additonal Info:
E-Recruiting page

Exchange - What is Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is the name of the new email, calendaring, and groupware system at UT. UT's implementation has been branded "Tmail".

Additonal Info:
OIT Exchange Page
Tmail Online Web Access
What is the difference between Exchange, Tmail, and Outlook?

IRIS - What is IRIS?

IRIS is the University's Enterprise administrative application for items such as HR, payroll, purchasing, travel, and business warehouse.

Additonal Info:
IRIS Website

kstud - How do I tell what KSTUD server my account is on?

Students: To tell what server your Tmail account is on, go to Tmail Account Management. Click "Manage Your Exchange Account". Your server is listed under "Mail Server".

Additonal Info:
Tmail Account Management

LDAP - What is LDAP?

LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. The keyword here is "Directory". UT uses an LDAP implementation for our Directory of users. Your NetID is your LDAP "username". The UT Directory Services website is where you can access your LDAP information and search for other users in the UT Directory.

Additonal Info:
UT Directory Services

off-campus - How is off-campus defined?

"Off-campus", when referring to email, is somewhat confusing because all email not from UT's core email systems are treated the same as all email from the world outside the university. The core email systems of UT include Tmail and UT's IMS. All "off-campus" emails are passed through the Barracuda and other email filters, just as mail from outside the university. Only email going directly between UT's Exchange and IMS systems are considered on-campus and not subjected to extra filtering (although each system does perform its own filtering).

phishing - What is phishing?

Phishing is using email or other electronic communication to attempt to gather personal information, such as passwords, social security numbers, banking information, etc., from a user.

Additonal Info:
What is phishing?

Proofpoint - What is a Proofpoint?

A ProofPoint is a dedicated firewall computer for email. ProofPoint servers first filter out connections from bad sources, then filter email sent from accepted connections. UT currently has multiple ProofPoint systems, clustered for increased performance and fault tolerance, that process all email between on and off-campus, both inbound and outbound.

Public Folders - What is a Public Folder?

"Public folders" is a feature of Microsoft Exchange that provides an effective way to collect, organize, and share information with others in an organization. Typically, public folders are used by project teams or user groups to share information on a common area of interest. At UT two common uses for Public Folders are reserving resources (e.g. conference and classroom schedules) and sharing contacts (e.g. departmental contacts). Folders labeled "Public Folders" appear in the Microsoft Outlook Folder List. Public folders can contain any type of Outlook folder item such as messages, appointments, contacts, tasks, journal entries, notes, forms, files, and postings.

Report a Problem - How do I report a problem?

Any users experiencing email-related problems should contact the OIT HelpDesk as soon as possible. You can Contact the HelpDesk Online or by phone at 974-9900.

Additonal Info:
Contact the HelpDesk Online

SAN - What is a SAN?

SAN stands for Storage Area Network. A SAN is a large, fast, enterprise-level data storage solution. UT uses a SAN for storing email and other databases.

SMTP - What is SMTP?

SMTP stands for "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol." SMTP is the standard way most email is transferred. SMTP is a "push" protocol, which means that the sending computer pushes the email to the receiving computer. For computers that wish to "pull" email, such as a user checking his/her email from a personal computer, other protocols must be used, such as POP, IMAP, or MAPI.

Tmail - What is Tmail?

Tmail is the new, consolidated UT email system.

Additonal Info:
OIT Exchange Page
Tmail Online Web Access
What is the difference between Exchange, Tmail, and Outlook?

VS - How do I tell what VS my account is on?

Faculty and Staff: To tell what server your Tmail account is on, go to Tmail Account Management. Click "Manage Your Exchange Account". Your VS is listed under "Mail Server".

Additonal Info:
Tmail Account Management


Report a Problem

To report a problem to OIT, please Contact the OIT HelpDesk online or by phone at 974-9900.

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