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OIT HelpDesk - Knowledge Base / Software/Applications/Clients / Other IMAP Applications / How do I connect to my UT email account using POP?

How do I connect to my UT email account using POP?

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The OIT Exchange/Tmail Service is POP compatible; therefore, you can use any POP-compatible client to read your email. However, please be aware that you may lose much of the functionality of Exchange, including calendar and scheduling integration with other members of the University, if you choose not to use an Exchange-compatible (MAPI) client such as Outlook or Entourage, both of which are available at no charge to UT-affiliated persons. Also note that the browser client, Outlook Web Access (OWA), offers more Exchange features than a POP client and can be accessed securely online from anywhere at

For these reasons, OIT does not recommend using a POP client instead of an Exchange client (Outlook, Entourage, or Outlook Web Access).

If you would like to use an POP client anyway, instructions for configuring POP clients are provided below. Customers using any other non-recommended client must obtain the necessary support from the product vendor and not from OIT. If you choose to use an unsupported POP email client, you can configure the following settings to access your Exchange email account:

Incoming POP mail server*:
Outgoing mail server**:
*Secure connection (SSL / TCP port 995) must be enabled
**If off-campus, you will need to use the outgoing (SMTP) server of your internet service provider or be connected through the VPN. You will have to contact the OIT HelpDesk at (865) 974-9900 in order to be added to the white list granting access to SMTP via the VPN. Instructions for connecting to the VPN can be found here:

For specific instructions on how to configure your particular client, please consult your client's documentation.

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