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document What is self certification?
Self-certification is an annual survey where Faculty and Staff certify whether or not they store sensitive data. With the information gathered...
17 Jun, 2011 Views: 116912
document Where can I certify my computer?
Computers and other devices can be certified at
17 Jun, 2011 Views: 125869
document When do I need to certify my computer?
Each device registered on the University of Tennessee, Knoxville network must be certified each year.
17 Jun, 2011 Views: 125987
document How will I know when to re-certify a computer?
Reminder emails are sent 14 days prior to a device's re-certificate date.
17 Jun, 2011 Views: 125891
document I have multiple devices registered on the University of Tennessee, Knoxville network. Can I certify them all at the same time?
Yes, you can certify all devices registered to a NetID using the "Import" feature within self-certification.
17 Jun, 2011 Views: 117044
document Can I exclude computers, printers, copiers, etc. from the self-certification process?
To meet regulatory requirements, devices with sensitive data must be identified.  Although exceptions are made in certain circumstances (for...
01 Aug, 2011 Views: 126484
document How will I know if I have sensitive data on my computer?
Those who work with medical records, credit card numbers, drivers license numbers, and social security numbers commonly have sensitive data on their...
17 Jun, 2011 Views: 126269
document Where can I download Identity Finder?
Faculty and Staff can download Identity Finder from UT's software distribution site,
17 Jun, 2011 Views: 125961
document How do I use Identity Finder?
Identity Finder user guides and support articles are located at The OIT HelpDesk is also...
17 Jun, 2011 Views: 126051
document How can I get help removing or securing sensitive data on my computer?
The OIT HelpDesk is available to answer questions, and will submit a request if further assistance is needed.
17 Jun, 2011 Views: 126209



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