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These are all of the comments from respondents who identified as Faculty.

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3. Of the OIT services that you indicated not using, please tell us more
about why you don’t use them.

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Wireless network environment on campus

Work off campus
When I try to use the wireless network in the law school, my computer tells me it couldn't connect all network drives, which I think means that it can't hook up to the Internet, which was why I wanted to use the wireless network in the first place. So, I can't use my laptop mobilly in the law school to access the Internet -- I have to be in my office.
Rarely on campus. Housed in county office with sporadic wireless.
not sure why I'd use it as I'm in my office all of the time unless you are talking about classrooms
Not on campus
out in a county
My primary workstation is in another city (Kingsport)and I use the wireless network in the building where I am stationed.
I don't work on campus.
I am retired so I use the help dest and still maintain my UTK email account
I am a retired Professor Emeritus
I am a Professor Emeritus and no longer involved in teaching.  You need to have a category listed in the earlier question which would include "retired staff/faculty".
At WTREC (off-campus). WTREC has its own wireless system.

'Electronic mail (Tmail, Exchange)'

Tmail fails frequently, so I don't trust it. The web interface is difficult to use and unattractive. Gmail is much more flexible. and dependable.
There is this wonderful company called Google.
The math department has its own email system.
My UTK email service is handled within the chemistry department on their servers. From my home office I send out email via TDS and their contract with gmail. 
It was too difficult to use when I first arrived - slow, clunky, hard to manage.
It stinks.
I use my own mail server.        
I use gmail because I can use it anywhere and it has calendar and many other functions I like.  Prefer the gmail set up and Google CHrome 
I have my UT email routed through another email address. 
I forward everything to my gmail account. 
I DO use Tmail. I just get my questions answered by OIT but by our own IT guy, Jonathan Turnmire.
Don't like Exchange            
department based e-mail more reliable     
Because I find gmail provides a better service with far less spam.

Exchange Calendars

Very invested in google calendar within and outside of UT.
UT's Exchange infrastructure is horrible. is not my primary email address, and I am hesitant to make it my primary after hearing about some of the inconsistencies of service and availability.
Use my own calendar.  Don't like exchange.
Use google calendar.
Use a single service for personal synchronization that works best for me at this time.
They are not helpful to me as I am primarily stationed in Nashville.
See previous comment.
prefer google calendar
Poor user interface.
others don't interact with it so it becomes frustrating to use it
Not a Luddite, but prefer my paper calendar and I find the reminders (that others use to alert me) annoying.
No reason
Maybe I do. I use the calendar feature in Microsoft Outlook. I did not know if that was an Exchange Calendar or not.
keep an old fasjioned desk calendar; don't want everyone knowing my daily calendar
just haven't tried it.
It is an inferior solution that doesn't work on Mac OS/ Linux.
I use whatever calendar app I have on my Mac.  Maybe that's OIT Exchange calendar and I just don't know it.
I use the google suite.
I use the calendar on my iphone. I should see if I can sync it with my computer.
I use Mac iCal and iCloud
I use iCal.
I use iCal, and I'm a Mac user.
I use iCal on Mac and iPhone and synchronize these two. Exchange (and for that matter TMail) has a cluttered klutzy interface making it unpleasant and complicated to use.
I use Google calendar.
I use google calendar.
I use Google Calendar, which allows me to integrate calendars with other people outside UTK, to share calendars with people outside UTK, etc.
I use Entourage
I use different calendar that comes with the computer.
I use a paper calendar
I prefer a planner that I can carry to meetings or class.
I like the service I already use.
I like the paper calendar and hand-written entries.
I like all of my calendars, personal and professional, integrated and need a calendar that is accessible to my family as well.
I have not yet identified the OIT Exchange calendar as a "need".
I have never used Microsoft Outlook or Exchange.  I do not know about OITs exchange calendars.
I find the interface clunky. I like Google Calendar better.
I don't use tmail as my primary email address and therefore only use webmail.  Calendars on webmail are fairly useless to me.
I don't know what they are.
I currently use Apple's MobileMe Calendar.
I boycott Microsoft Exchange.
I am a retired Professor Emeritus
I am a mac user and it's easier to sync my ical calendar than bother with the exchange calendar. Plus I don't like the exchange interface.
Have never tried it before, I keep a hard copy calendar as a habit and just have not transitioned to a digital one yet.
Hate microsoft
Happy with google calendar. Have no intention of ever use a microsoft client. I have my ut email forwarded for this reason. Will not use it.
Google calendar has more flexibility for my purposes.
Due to dissatisfaction with T-mail, I switched to g-mail 2 years ago and have all my UT email forwarded there. In addition, I have been using Macs for about 7 years and am more comfortable with the Calendar there. However, I have to add that the newest iCal version (with Lion) is not my favorite.
don't want to share my calendar - it's my business not others.
does not interface well with i cal.
Do not like pop-up reminders
Better options in public domain, e.g., Google Calendar. Exchange is horrible.
Because the proposed "integrated" solution doesn't work with any other software. I need something more flexible, interoperable and with a better availability.
because it's easier to use other calendars. OIT things are always down and glitchy.
Because I find the Exchange system difficult to use as Mac user. I instead use the iCal as I can easily sync with my mobile device. Unfortunately, this is not supported by OIT
Because I don't need it.
awkward and I prefer online calendars for non-work events, no sense in having two calendars

OIT HelpDesk - one place to contact for questions regarding technology on campus

We have computer support for our office
We have an in-house IT person.
We have a system administrator who communicates with OIT.
Use Extension Regional IT personnel and they are great!
Thought it was just for students.
They never know how to help me. The fact that we are restricted to MIcrosoft Exchange and Outlook is stifling and time consuming and no help has even responded to my questions about, for example, sending email from home or abroad. This was OK.
the only time i tried, i tried emailing a question and never got a response.  not a good sign.  i just ask our dept computer guy when I have any trouble
The law school has its own IT people, plus the secretaries are also knowledgeable about basic things. I think I have called the OIT helpdesk once because the law school IT people are now referring me to them when I have a question about Outlook. In other words, I think the law school IT people no longer provide support for the Outlook email. I use Tmail at home and when I can't get it to do something, I just figure that's a limitation of the system -- I wouldn't take time to call the OIT helpdesk from home.
The first layer of help is generally useless.
My primary office is in Nashville.
I work directly with Lori Epperson (Andy Holt Tower) if I have any difficulties or w/ the OIT folks who maintain the network in my building (a community college)
I usually call or e mail someone I know who who can help me. The help desk usually cannot.
I use it periodically
I plan to start using them more. I appreciate their being there.
I have used it in the pasts, but at this point I have not needed assistance.
I have not had problems yet that necessitated me to go to the HelpDesk; so far I have had an OIT staff member come to my office when I couldn't fix a problem myself.
I don't think the helpdesk is an appropriate venue for my policy and planning questions.
I do use the help desk.  They are wonderful.
I am semi-retired, no longer have an office on campus, work from home.
I am a retired Professor Emeritus
Have used it on the occasion that I needed it, but mostly the need has not arisen.
Have been unable to get access to the help I have needed in the past through this route.
Frankly, because I have poor tech skills and am unable to communicate with tech folks I avoid asking for help unless I can talk to someone face-to-face - most of my problems are minor and easily solved here - I will avoid teaching distance now that the only support after 4:30 comes from another state - my main issue is that this and almost every other central office at UT can not be used after 4:30. I do not think our students should be paying fees for services they can not use. Also, many of our grad classes are at night and we would like to offer more distance ed and matriculate more grad students (TOP 25) but without tech support this will not happen and the courses we do offer - well I imagine that will not continue if faculty have to interupt courses and wait on someone in another state to respond - Again, problem is ignoring and underfunding anything but traditional 8-3 classes.
Don't seem to need it
don't need it that often, but
I'm happy with it when I do.
Do not need. Math Dept has its own computer support.
Because I am a adjunct faculty occasionally teaching a course, and I use the contact to keep abreast of what is going on in the University community as a whole.
Actually, I thought I marked that I do use the HelpDesk.  I have used it on several occasions and have been very happy with the service

Help with troubleshooting and resolving computer issues

When I call, I get put into a queue. Then I get asked what browser I'm using and what computer, like I'm an idiot that hasn't already tried that. I can't tell when I contact OIT if I'll get someone how can creatively respond to my problems or not. I'd rather go to other people I know how are good with computers.
we have our own staff
We have our own it staff at the con who troubleshoots issues
We have local computing support in our unit.
We have internal staff.
We have an internal person who handles most of these problems.
We have an in-house trouble shooting person.
we have an I person in our dept.
We have a system administrator who communicates with OIT.
We have a resident administrator for the CS department
Use the department's full time electronics and computer person.
Use regional Extension IT Personnel
use CEHHS service
The math department has its own tech help.
The first layer of help is generally not helpful.
The college has 2 IT employees -- not sure if they are part of campus OIT or not. Did not know I had an option to go outside college to deal with problems that might arise with my laptop. Would like to know more.
Taken care of by collleague
Previouslu used departmental support.  Will need OIT help next time trouble arises.
Prefer to use an Ag Campus OIT support person for these tasks.
Please often when I call for help, I am transferred endlessly to people who say I need to talk to someone else to get that fixed.  In the end, it is not worth my time to ask OIT for help, i usually ask the college's IT guy which is usually helpful but he cannot resolve all of the problems
other local options are more acceessible and much superior to OIT and involve much less bureaucracy
not sure where to put this comment--but we have had sevearl faculty members have compromised email accounts, and their email service to stopped without any notification. This caused much anxiety as one faculty was out of the country, relying heavily on her email. I understand that the accoun should be shut down, but a final email telling why they have lost service would be appreciated.
No reason
my husband has a service
My experience is that they never have answers to any "fully supported" software issues.  Response to hardware issues are slow, compared to other universities where I've worked.
My assistant handles all computer issues in our department.  I think she consults often with OIT about these matters but I do not.
My admin. assistant handles that.
Math Dept has its own computer support.
lack of mac support
In-house support is provided by the College of Business and the Center for Executive Education.
In most cases I use the departmental IT support staff.
I'm a Mac user so I rarely have trouble with my computer.  If I do there are resources within the Division of Biology to help me.
I 've been able to solve my problems, or worked directly with Apple
I usually just go to the Apple store
I use the chem. dept.'s IT guys when I need help.
I use our regional IT person.
I personally haven't used it. We have a contact in our office who uses it when necessary. Services are fine.
I myself can solve some problems.
I might use this later on when I have troubleshooting needs.
I marked the wrong button- they have been VERY helpful when I have had an issue.
I know how to solve all my own problems.
I hvae used it.
I haven't needed I've had access to support within my college.
I haven't needed help outside of the online help service.
I haven't had any issues.
I have my own system administration support.
I don't work on campus nor do I use OIT computers.
I don't usually get my major issues solved successfully.
I do use it--the Help Desk
I do most of this myself since I am Mac and in the past have found the support at OIT for this pretty limited.
I cannot speak to using this service personally, though at various times, other office staff have done so.

Also, I am uncertain how/whether this type of help received by the staff fell under this category or help desk. It seems most often we start with the help desk.
I can typically solve the problems myself more efficiently and effectively.
I am on the PEMBA faculty. We have our own tech group, so I only use OIT services when they are unavailable or in case of emergency.
I am a bit of a "geek" and have not encountered a problem I have not been able to solve on my own.

I rebuild for fun.
have departmental services, which (from what I hear) is more efficient and effective.
Have a resource in our College
Have  in-college IT support
Faster departmental support.
easier to ask someone else, like apple.
Don't have an issues at this point
departmental IT people have helped me.
College of Law has an IT staff and OIT does not have a presence in the building.
Both the School and the College have excellent staff to help with problems. They are easily available and better understand my needs.
Another staff member is responsible for our computer issues.  He sometimes works with OIT.
All my computer issues have been taken care of by the law school's IT people or the secretaries.
Again, I use our departmental OIT person.
Actually, I have. through the OIT helpdesk, which I checked

Online and face-to-face workshops on different technologies and software

will be doing so this month
Use resources provided by divisional leadership and professional organizations related to student affairs work environment and objectives.
typically not a useful way to spend my time
Too busy, not enough spare time
Too busy righting grants and doing research.  Other colleagues and PIs who are more techno literate than me have us presently using a google hangout for research video conferencing with Princeton, McGill university on Canada,  and Los Alamos national lab.
Times are never good with my schedule.
Time restrictions, customization of content
Time issues, and I am retired and back working part-time. I would do more if I thought I would use it in the next few months.
time constraints and not sure how it would benefit me
They are not offered at convenient times
The timing is never good it seems.  I simply do not have the time to up and leave the office for hours at a time.  I'd much prefer that a group session be offered at the departmental level or even better that someone would come over for a one-on-one instructional session.
The software and technology used at the College of Law is relatively specialized, and we have our own people to help with this sort of thing without having to trek across campus.
The few workshops I attended (Blackboard, Banner) were largely a waste of my time as they covered only generalities (such as how to log in) and none of the more specific topics. In the end, it is more efficient for me to just dig may way through the software and find out what can be done.
the Blackboard workshop was not so useful
(more b/c Blackboard is crappy; not so much OIT's
fault). Other technologies I didn't need workshops
tend to be oriented toward stuff I don't use and stuff I already know how to use, and tend to be geared for a less-wired audience.
Prefer to learn myself or with help from School IT professional.
Often too busy
No time
Many options I am already familiar with
Lack of time.
Lack of time in daily schedule
Just lack of time, not lack of interest.
Just haven't taken the time
Just haven't felt the need
Just have not worked them into my schedule but I anticipate doing so in the near future.
I've not had time but hope to in the future.
Interested in N-Vivo and/or other software fo qualitative data analysis.
Also Interested in SPSS.
Workshops are either not available or not convenient.
I would like to but I am in Greece working on the excavation publication spring and fall and have not seen one that I need when I am at UT summer and winter.
I would have utilized the online and face-to-face workshop if needed.  Thinking our department will need to utilize OIT in the future.
I used to attend more workshops but ITC or whatever it is now has moved around its difficult to track down and  the workshops on sharepoint left me with more questions than skills
I take workshops periodically.
I hope to in the near future. I have not had the time because of the new technology that our department is continually implementing, which I enjoy but which takes a lot of time, and because of outside time constraints.
I have in the past when I had the need, and I am sure I will again in the future when the need arises
I had a person come to my class to talk about QDA Miner.  Does this count?  I forgot about it.  I also had training for Mr. Interview and TERA.
I don't like technology and really don't want to know any more about it than I already do.
I don't have time unless I see the immediate applicability of it.
I am retired.
I am retired and have no need for them.
I am not technology oriented, so I tend to learn things on an as-needed basis. To date, I have been able to get the information I need from other faculty members. Also, I don't tend to seek out new technologies to incorporate into my teaching materials since I primarily lecture.
I am first semester part time lecturer.  I just haven't had time to explore all the resources available through your office.
I am a retired professor Emeritus
Haven't had time.  Most of the time I just try to learn stuff DIY online.
Have been fine with the technologies I have been using
Either I have already taken workshops (at another university), or I have not wanted to use those technologies for my classroom
Classes  and workshops are either too time consuming or not a time or date that I can attend.
Am busy doing other things since I have retired.
Although I have not personally taken advantage of such courses, other staff have and have found them to be useful.
A matter of time, really. Other daily demands prevent me from taking advantage of this service.

Online@UT (Blackboard) and/or LiveOnline@UT (Centra) virtual classroom environment support

You asked the wrong question, because you targeted the teaching faculty by using the word classroom, this the question does is not addressed appropriately to research faculty.
We are using blackboard within CEB as a proposal documentation and working/collaboration site.
We have developed a much better course management system.  Typical student comments are that are system is much better than Blackboard.
We have a product called TWEN sponsored by Westlaw that is much more suitable for my purposes. Plus, I already know how to use TWEN. I think now I do have to use My UTK (is that Online ut?) to generate my class rolls at the beginning of the semester. These used to be produced by our Student Records Office, but now I have to do it myself. And it involves quite a few clicks, which the Student Records Office staff always has to show me how to do anyway. I have no idea what LiveONline UT is and I have no idea what "virtual classroom environment support" is, and frankly, I don't want to know.
Took blackboard down every two years - haveing to keep up with new versions
The West TWEN system is much easier to use.
not applicable
My staff may use it, but i do not.
It has not emerged as a resource for use in our area, but one university-wide group I now serve on does have a blackboard presence which I occasionally access and likely will more in the future. From such experience, I may find it is a resource I should be using to achieve my work objectives.
I'm not sure what you mean by "using Blackboard."  I access it for information.  However, I have not been able to use for classes as I'd like because I was told that an instructional session must be taken and I don't have time for that.  Again, if someone would come over for an individual instructional session, I'd love it.
I will be using this when I am primary instructor for a course.
I use many images in my teaching that have been given to me for my use only.  I have no interest in placing these in an environment where they might be available to others, at UTK and elsewhere and, in the process, violate my agreement with those who provided the images.
i use it ocasionally in committee work.  I do not teach.
I get help from the folks at UTCVM
I find it easier to simply email material to students
I am retired.  I have used Sharepoint.  I do use JSTOR.
I am retired.
I am a retired Professor Emeritus
Have not gotten around to it
Have not been trained yet. Will be using.
For my purposes the web sites are enough
Difficult interface.  Students prefer a service from an outside vendor (TWEN - Westlaw product).
Blackboard is too unreliable.
LiveOnline not ready for music use.

Individual assistance with creating online course materials, podcasts, etc.

will likeley use in the future
We can already do this in the Library.
UT won't support distance ed for classes that begin after 4:00
The TWEN site for my courses has a space where I can "upload" my course materials so that students can see them on their computers. My course materials are all on paper -- I distribute them the to students during class. I only "upload" them in case the students lose their hard copies. So I "create" my online materials using Wordperfect & then I convert them to Word (since all the students have been forced to buy Word with their computers) and then I "upload" them to TWEN. I have no idea what a "podcast" is and I don't want to know.
The software and technology used at the College of Law is relatively specialized, and we have our own people to help with this sort of thing without having to trek across campus. We can create our own online course materials in-house or using systems offered specifically by legal vendors that better suit our needs (Westlaw's TWEN, LexisNexis Online Classroom, etc.).
The reason why I have not used this service as well as the other ones I have checked is that these wonderful tools are not part of the Portuguese program. Since we do not use them, the information I would get from the training would be forgotten too soon. I would rather use these services whenever we develop a syllabus that will require the use of podcasts, blogs and etc.
The last time I tried I was very disappointed by blackboard's inability to host video and so solved the problem myself with YouTube. It's mainly about blackboard as a product. Hate it.
Teach only a 5-week, 1-credit hour courses and presently am not in need of support for those sorts of services. Use Online@UT for the course and post materials typically as pdf, doc, xls or url
Students are usually assigned and are not reliable.
See my response to the previous question.  Also, I do not use podcasts and there are resources within my department to assist with online course materials.
retention of what I learned is better if I figure it out myself. Do ask for help if it is becoming time cosnuming.
Presently haven't needed to do
Prefer to use an Ag Campus OIT support person for this task.
not necessary yet
not as aware of these services and Law Library is using LibGuides for such items
not applicable
No further comment
My staff does it for me.
My departmental coordinators set up the podcasts, etc and I create my own course materials from the text, the accessories that accompany the text, etc
Learning more about using this technology.
Lack of time in daily schedule - though I would be interested
just not part of my job.  I have input on materials but do not do the creation.
I really don't know the reason, I have created some material on my own, but it didn't occur to me to ask for assistance
I prefer to do it myself since preparing these things is part of my teaching
I just haven't used them yet -- I can use Blackboard by myself.
I get help from the folks at UTCVM
I don't trust OIT, service is extremely unreliable
I don't podcast and I already know how to create online course materials.
I don't need help.
I don't have time to invest in developing new course materials of these types
I do this type of work myself.
I do not have time.
I do it myself
I am retired.
I am first semester part time lecturer.  I just haven't had time to explore all the resources available through your office.
I am a retired Professor Emeritus
Hven't invested the time
Haven't wanted to venture into that area of using technology in the classroom, where I don't already know how to do so.
Have not needed this up to this point, but might need it in the future
Have a person who does that in our department.
easier to get help from other places.
An earlier experience has discouraged me

Web environments for sharing content and collaborating (SharePoint, Online@UT Blogs and Wikis)

We have a lot of face-to-face meetings.
Use Sharepoint, not on a regular basis, but do use it
On-Line used some
Use my own SugarSync account
This is something that our office needs more information on.
Still prefer real dialog
Sharepoint is cumbersome to upload a document and save it. It is not effective for sharing documents. A cloud service would be much better served. I know there is a shared drive available for departments, however we have not been shown where it is or how to access it.
Sharepoint is clunky, and we've had several issues with it, so I don't really trust it. I don't think it is necessary to reinvent the wheel here with blogs and wikis, so I use off the shelf software to do those things.
SharePoint is a disaster.  I cringe every time one of my colleagues wants to use it for collaboration.  Too many bugs and the organization is horrible.  Make it as simple as dropbox and I will use it.
Sharepoint and similar are too much work for what we can do in a more simple fashion using shared network drive access, shared Dropbox accounts, or Google documents.
share point is way too complicated
Set up own blogs and purchased domain. Would be interested if made time to attend classes / workshops to understand available options
Prefer Google which has much more to offer. I have two blogs on Tumblr.
perceived need for more support for sharepoint, using an in-house blog system
Our unit tried using SharePoint; I find it most cumbersome, particularly if one is not innately technologically inclined.
Not sure what this is
Not interested
not applicable
No training yet. Will use.
no need for them
Need more time & training
Need additional education and training to maximize the use of this service.
Material I have entrusted to OIT servers in the past has been designated for removal from service, so there is no long-term environment.  Again, OIT  is untrustworthy.
just haven't seen a need for it
Just haven't gotten in the habit.
Just have not gotten to it yet. Need to know more.
Just do not need this type of help
I've been to SharePoint once and need more training. I have yet to be in a site that seems to work. It could be the user.
It is too complicated.  I tried using it and switched to Google Docs becuase it is much easier to use.
Interfaces are clunky and the support is spotty and amateurish when compared with other vendors
Iam a retired Professor Emeritus
I use Sharepoint.
I use my own server for my web pages
I have very little idea of what you're talking about here. Very little of my teaching requires collaborative work, and when it does, I require face-to-face interaction. As for "sharing content," again, I require hard copies of assignments to be submitted and, if required, shared among students. This generation of students may have been subjected to too much "collaborative learning" as it is.
I have used Sharepoint!
I have not used SharePoint. I should investigate. I use Web 2.0 options for blogs and wikis. I teach teachers and there are free options that they should know about.
I do not see the benefits for me and my students of blogs and Wikis
I create and maintain my own web pages on the Math Dept server. Do not use blogs.
I use google wiki.
I am retired.
I am not sure how it will benefit my work in Nashville, or how I can use it off site.
I am first semester part time lecturer.  I just haven't had time to explore all the resources available through your office.
Haven't had time to investigate them
have used blogs for student journals in past. New BB system isn't useful for journals. Doesn't allow faculty or student to review all entries easily and doesn't allow easy insertion of comments.
For some reason they won't let UTCVM employees get their own web pages.
easier to set up using dropbox.
don't know much about it...
DOn't know about this
Blackboard is awful from a usability perspective. It's a silo that discourages open educational environments and learning. It doesn't reflect the reality of blog/wiki processes on the web. We're spending horrendous amounts of money on a product that does web2.0 poorly, while web2.0 is freely availble.
awkward interface - dropbox and google dovcs are free and much easier to use
Attempted, but found Sharepoint to be clunky and had a technology resistant colleague.
as mentioned before time and illiteracy
Actually, I have used SharePoint (for another office on campus) and feel it might help us with our data/file-sharing needs. However, I have not been able to set up a site adequately to "sell" this avenue to my colleagues. I am signed up for the intro and permissions workshops, hoping to learn more about constructing a usable worksite. Thanks.

Public computing labs for teaching

Well, I actually DO use them, and am satisfied with them, and consider them important.  I just missed them in the list ;-)
We use the LRC - services  MFLL department
we currently have a computer lab in our college
Too far from our campus (vet school)
They do not contain the software I would need (STATA)
There is a lab in EPS for our students
the labs near me are not large enough
The labs are not student friendly.  Especially the ones in Jessie Harris.
Our department has multiple labs customized for our clases, but I want to see public computing labs which have installed softwares for specific research such as GIS.
our college has paid for our own labs--architecture
not applicable
None are located near to where I work.
need has not emerged
It's a huge pain to schedule and easier just to get students to download software to their laptops.
I was wrong. I do use those.
I have the computers I need
I have not yet had a class where it was needed but it could come in the (somewhat near) future.
I have been in these labs to learn Sharepoint.
I don't really need it
I don't find them easy to schedule or convenient.
I do use the labs in Bailey Education Complex and often use mobile carts with students but not the ones listed in your survey
I am retired.
I am a retired Professor Emeritus
i actually did once a few years ago.  it was fine.  i just haven't needed it since
Have our own better configured labs.
Have not been in my current position long enough to have used these services.
have my own office. Why would I use a public lab?
have a computer in my office
Don't need to
don't need
Computer in my office suffices.
Commons is in the Library
Actually I do for some computational courses. I should have checked it.

Help with conducting research/using research software

Wasn't aware that it was available.
very seldom use this service.  Once in a while help with Mrinterview, but otherwise do not usually require ongoing help.
used services years ago; no recent need
Use Campus Labs for our Department needs.
unaware of service
Too complicated to learn
They do not apply to my needs in teaching Spanish 150 and Spanish 212. Other items in the syllabus keep me extremely busy.
There was a suite of bioinformatics software available to me through my former institution's site license that are not available here.
The software I use is mostly stuff that I have written for my own purposes
Service provided is poor to miserable.  OIT does not support the software I need.  OIT never asks what I need.
Retired - emeritus
not sure how it would benefit me
Not researching at this point as I am an adjunct
Not aware of this service, but would like to know more.
Not aware of software.
not applicable
No one at OIT knows more about research and research software than I do (this is not a statement about how good I am; it's a statement about how deficient OIT is).
My staff does that for me.
My research si generally theoretical in nature.
My research hasn't involved writing as much until now.  I will be on sabbatical next year and upon my return or even during the time... I may benefit from this service but have not, up until now, informed myself about it.
I'm not doing extensive research at this time
I'm a term employee, hired to teach, not to conduct research.
I write my own programs and sometimes use open source packages.
I was not aware that this was a possibility.  I have not conducted much research in the past few years.
I was not aware that kind of service is available.
I wanted to use Fortran but was not sure if OIT offers such softwares for research software.
I use other software and my own services.
I just haven't needed them so far.  Nothing against them, and I might well use them in the future.
I haven't had the need
I haven't found anyone who knows as much about the dbs I use (especially ECCO) as I do. Advice when sought hasn't been that helpful.
I have not needed those services yet, but may in the future.
I don't work on campus.
I don't need help with the statistical software, and am not sure what other software is available that I might need.
I do use JSTOR frequently in my research.
I din't know about that opportunity
I didn't know this type of help was available.
I didn't know it offered this.
I am retired.
I am not familiar enough with the relevant opportunities
I am not aware of what is offered or how to use it.
i am new faculty and never received an orientation on the IT services or resources, so I don't know what is out there.  It would be nice to send new faculty a list of services so we could know what is available
I am a retired Professor Emeritus
Haven't needed help
have stayed current
Have not needed to use those services...yet.
Have not had the need so far
Had not thought about it.  Will need to take advantage of it soon becuase I want some assistance with some data analysis.
Had help from others
Great service from OIT.  I don't consider myself a sophisticated user however.
Don't see that OIT offers anything that could benefit me.
Don't know what this is - can't comment.
Don't know how to use it.
Don't have a need yet
Do you mean the STAT line?  I have called and received statistical assistance a few times.
Do not know about the services it provides or how they might benefit my work.
Didn't know that I could.
Didn't know it was available
didn't know about it
Didn´t know about it.
Did not know this was a service provided or how it can help my large lecture classes
Did not know this was a service
did not know OIT provided that service
Did not know much about the details of this service
Can do it on my own
Because I do my own research? I don't really know what OIT has available to help me research 16th-17th century England. If there is something, I'd love to know.
Because I didn't know you offered that service. For instance I have a great need to scan slides and photographs for use in my publications - I hope to avail myself of your services in the future.
as far as I know, I don't need it
am not sure what software this would be

Scanning/scoring Scantron test forms

We have staff at vet school for this.
We have our own.
we have our own staff
Use other sources cause they are reliable and quick
Use other method
too incovenient--not actually sure how it works
Till now I don't need it!
Scranton test forms not used
Not that familiar with it.  Might use in large gen chem exams
No need
I do not trust OIT with grading.
I do not know what is available or how to get that information.  I use a scantron machine in Neyland annex
I did not know it was available.
I can scan at home.
haven't had to until next year when it would be helpful. Although much of my test content will be written response.
DOn't use
don't need.
Don't know what this is...
Do not know what it is.
Didn't know this type of help was available.
Didn't know about- could possibly use.
Didn´t know about it.
Departmental solution.
cost; we have our own to use and have large classes; it is cost prohibitive
because a monkey could do it.
again, no orientation, no one tells me how to get any IT/administrative support so I end up doing it myself which is not an efficient use of my time
a scanner is available in our unit

Digitization of text, slide, audio and video content as well as CD and DVD duplication for academic use

zealous compliance of staff with copyright issues, when academic fair use applies.

ALSO, poor quality scans received---rotated on page, dirty glass, gray images when originals were very good.
When I went to get images done there were too many issues with copywrite, so I did them myself. These are for my lectures.
We contract with UTK Communications.
Too complicated
Time limitations - hope to develop more resources over the summer months.
The one time I needed it, the conversion from European VHS format to DVD was not offered.
Service is too slow.  I requested service once, the project was never completed.  As far as I know, the project was never initiated.  Again, service is poor to miserable.
process is too cumbersome to be useful
OIT assists us in streaming our two audio streams 24/7 and in archiving our podcasts.  but I personally do not work in these areas so I can't really comment on them other than to say we do work thru OIT in these areas.
often I don't find out I need it until the week before my class...OIT is so short-staffed they are unable to fill my request in that short a time
Not needed.
Never needed it yet.
I've used The Studio for this but as yet have not had any person from OIT there to help with our needs.
instructors here find restrictions too limiting. Law Library supports this for courses.
I use it a lot but I use the Library for  this service, it is crucial for the instructors who teach cinema, very important service.
I simply have not wanted to make use of those technologies for teaching my courses.
I just haven't needed it as yet, but it is very good to know that it exists if I were to need those services.
I havent decided how i want to use this, and how it best fits pedagogically in my teaching.
I have used this in the past, but do not require it currently. It is a helpful service.
I do use on-line streaming.
I do not duplicate CD or DVD material for class use, and I digitize my won text, slide and video content.  If I need help, it's available in the department.
I digitize my own slides and video
I am retired.
I am first semester part time lecturer.  I just haven't had time to explore all the resources available through your office.
I am a retired professor Emeritus
Haven't needed yet -- plan to in the future
Haven't done this.  Most of the time I try to do it myself.
Have used the library for these in the past.  Need them only intermittently.  Copyright issues.
Have not had a need to this point in time. Perhaps in the future.
Have never used it but could probably profit from it
Have had in college support for this
Generally don't need this service. Most print material I can get or save as PDF and share with students. I haven't tried the DVD duplication service.
Easier to use my own hardware.
Cumbersome process, not convenient
can do this on my own. I do wish this service was available to faculty for non-class activities-- public lectures and publications.
Another vendor

On-site video or audio streaming services for live or archived viewing

Wouldn't trust OIT with this.
will be doing so in May
We have our own in-house equipment and IT personnel to take care of this.
We have in-house video people (at vet school).  I do use lecture capture, but again I think someone here puts them online for us.
Use these services only as a consumer
The College of Business Administration has capture capabilities in all of its classrooms.
Rarely use video in class.  Might use the service if I had more time
Not interested
not applicable
no need for them
never thought about it. Time consuming to learn. Access to equipment.
Need more info
Library already does that.
Just use other services becasue of my familiarity with them
just haven't had the need-yet. Expect that I will use this in the near future.
It is very complex and mostly I have been able to achieve the same things in my online teaching with low tech solutions.  I think it sounds wonderful but there are always bugs and delays and things don't work right.
In-house support by College of Business Administration
I know what "video or audio streaming" is. The law school itself does make recordings of certain events here so that they can be viewed afterwards. Also, I think we have had live video streaming of certain events into overflow rooms. I don't really think I would need to personally audio or video stream anything.
I just didnt know I could us it!
I haven't had a need to use it yet, but may use it in the future.
I have not explored these options yet.  I'm new.
I do use this once/semester on average and I'm very satisfied, I mis-answered the initial question.
I am retired.
I am first semester part time lecturer.  I just haven't had time to explore all the resources available through your office.
I am a retired Professor Emeritus
haven't needed
Have not needed it very often
Have not had the need
Did not know about it

Enterprise systems and applications (SAP/IRIS, ANDI, Circle Park Online)

used often in past but not necessary at present
This stuff doesn't work.  Would it be possible for OIT to provide the campus with a service that actually works?
These systems are really important but I have people who use them for me.
Same thing
Really, you need to here more about Banner??????
not part of my responsibilities to interact with these systems-although they do affect my work. banner continues to be a barrier to student registration; all financial things go through IRIS-it seems to be taking much longer to get reimbursement for travel etc. I'm not sure if that's an IRIS problem or a personnel problem.
not material to my job function
Not everything needs to be digital
My initial answer was incorrect.  I am using Banner, and was using IRIS when I was Associate Head (for four years).
I'm not authorized to use SAP/IRIS or ANDI.
I use Banner...but that's it.
I use Banner for advising because I must.  I say must because, though it has many fine attributes, I think that it is "clunky" and in many way is poorly designed. I have no direct need for SAP/IRIS or ANDI.
I do use it, it is often down when I most need it.
I do use Banner minimally.  It is counter-intuitive and slow.
I am retired.
I am a retired Professor Emeritus
Generally with registration issues, I defer students to our administrative assistants (if I need to waive a pre-req, etc.) and their advisors --for Banner-related issues).  I submit my their grades online myself at the end of the term... but this probably doesn't fit in this "Banner etc." category.
Generally the SAP/IRIS is done for us by an executive assistant in our department.  I am not that familiar with the others although I remember several emails regarding banner.
Banner is the only one that I know about, and I don't use it currently.
Banner is something I do use very occasionally, but find it cumbersome.
Actually I DO use IRIS
Accounting and financial personnel in my office access SAP/IRIS on my behalf and I approve entries and actions by signature only without directly accessing the systems.  Also, the staff at the UT Foundation provide the information I need from ANDI in file form so I do not access that system directly.  I have no use for Banner in my work.

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