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These are all of the comments from respondents who identified as Faculty.

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1. Are there services, software or hardware that OIT does not now offer
that you would like us to consider offering?

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You didn't mention storage, especially for backups, and especially for large data.
Would love access to Adobe Photoshop & Pro without paying an arm & a leg.
Workshops on using survey software...
WordPerfect (MUCH better and more versatile than Word)

Make the Commons a "quiet area" (not a place to hang out and party with friends)

Need more electrical outlets in Commons
Wireless coverage in remote areas of campus such as parking areas.  This would allow use of more technology that would benefit faculty, staff, students, visitors and daily operations.
Web design
We would like further enhancements to the Banner and DARS systems
We should have a more advanced lab in the library  that can provide high definition images from films/DVD, so we can use them in publications.
We need Shiboleth to begin the ADMIT pilot program with full launch in August 2012 for Fall 2013 admissions
We need larger disk space for hosting web sites.
We moved a key website of our program into the cloud of cyberspace...something I did not prefer. But I understand the University's complexity and myriad demands on information technology resources (especially their staffing levels) makes this move sensible for all concerned.
UT currently offers everything I need.
University-wide backup of research product (datasets, manuscripts, etc.). We've had enough tornados here to realize that a hard drive sitting on top of a desktop will not offer sufficient off-site backup. There are cloud solutions like Amazon S3 or in-house things like Crashplan PROe, though that's certainly not an exhaustive list of possibilities.
Trouble shooting my personal computer and software?
Training, directly from Atlas.
There are no services, software or hardward I would like for you to consider offering at this time,
Tell me what is next, I use what I know how to use.
Support for qualitative research design and a commitment to supporting researchers who choose to analyze qualitative data.
support for implementing Dragon (which significantly increases work productivity)
statistical consulting
Some important qualitative software is not available through UT, including ATLAS & Nvivo
Some academic software--for example, APA format
Social networking for apartment, buy and sell etc
Somewhat similar to Craiglist for students only
So far, what you offer has exceeded what I need or expect.
Seminars on how to get more use out of our Smartphones.
See previous comment on wireless.
See my previous comment.
Roll out R across campus, and use the money saved by not sending it to IBM for SPSS to provide instruction on R use for both undergraduates and graduates.
RGU Cables
I typically use the "smart" classrooms in HSS.  There are two in room 206 and they are both in pitiful shape.  I am unsure whom to contact for a replacement.
recommend an evaluation of BB by faculty and students.
probably but cannot define it at the moment. (maybe in the area of monitoring research equipment or setting up the right parameters for real-time data logging)
Prism graphic program
Please keep moving toward having a Citrix environment. Being able to securely work remotely with full access both to software tools and file storage space is important to me.
Please get Blackboard, internet, and MyUTK to be more stable and reliable.
Please consider replacing SafeAssign with Turnitin in Blackboard.
perhaps more self-help or FAQS for solving on-line issues.  Also early warnings about viruses in order to provide time for updating definitions before being hit.
oXygen; Rhino; Maya; Creator; pHp; mySQL; with tech support
On-line training for SharePoint.
online roster system to keep attendance
On-campus support for both LISREL and AMOS is needed.
NVivo every semester
Not to my knowledge.
Not that I'm aware of.
Not that I'm aware of.
Not that I know of.
Not that I know of.
not that I can think of...
Not that I can think of.
Not that I can think of
Not that I am aware of.
Not that I am aware of.
Not sure what is currently offered!
Not sure how much this will be covered by the SharePoint workshops, but we really have ongoing needs for ensuring we are using the latest versions of forms, spreadsheets, databases, etc. We don't have an intranet...that may not matter, especially if SharePoint alleviates our situation. It would be great to have an interactive database, but I don't think we have the funding for the design and development, etc.
not right now
not really
Not certain.
Not at this time.
Not at this time.
Not at this time
Not at present
none that i can think of.
None that I can think of.
None that I can think of at the moment.
None that I am aware of.
None that come to mind.
None I can think of.
No. I am retired from teaching and research.
No, just make Banner and BB work ALL the time.
No, I can't think of anything.
No not at this time.
New computers for faculty on a regular basis
need to have more information about sharepoint in having a point person to demonstrate and lead our dept. in getting started using this product
multiple location skype in classrooms in HBB
More training/support for Apple products - Iphone, Ipad, iTouch.
More support for OIT during the day and more support for those of us who teach primarily evening classes
More storage space for TMail. 1 GB? In 2012? Seriously?
More staff in the help area.
more smart classrooms
More Qualitative Research tools and support for ATLAS.ti such as workshops and seminars
more mobile apps!!!!!!
more linux operation system support
more guidance with smartboards, a quick how to guide in the classroom for troubleshooting would be great.
More classes on Adobe and SharePoint
Mathematica licensing for all Math department instructors
Mathematica full licensing for the math department

Live meeting or some kind of web meeting software for online videoconferencing...
Linux compatible email service with encryption etc.
Large size document printers available on contract. Had to bid one out recently, since it was not covered by existing contract.
Just make the ones that are in use work consistently.  For example, why not use relatively inexpensive undergraduate help to test the links on the UTK web and identify ones that are broken/obsolete.  And from peresonal experience, the system as perceived by new users (e.g. newly admitted students) is really tough - why not monitor some incoming freshman from orientation onward to identify where they have problems (e.g. how do you sign up for your NetID?) and fix them so the system is easier to use?
Jotform, assistance w/ podcast archiving, etc.
It is not so much the provision of specific services (although these are necessary for HE functions), for help desk people, it is an issue of values.  

After I composed an essay about how retired people view IT services from the early 1990s to present day, I was cut off.  Apparently my msg was too long (only 1024 chars) and mine was too long at 1637 chars).

The service that I would like is for you to provide is a running character count regarding how much feedback you really want to have when you request it.

It's not that hard.  ITC did it once.

But that was years ago.

If you want feedback, let us talk.
is offered ... but more help with video and uploads for web sites
internet access that's reliable.
International Crystal Structure Database (ICSD)

Phase Diagrams database (available electronically through The American Ceramic Society)

CrystalMaker, CrystalDiffract, SingleCrystal (need a university site license)

VASP (university site license)
In my opinion, traditional language labs are better than the current on-line homework programs in that the provide more effective student/teacher interaction and immediate feedback from the teacher himself or herself.
Igor Pro; Mathcad
Igor (graphing; curve fitting)
If there's enough demand for it, Sequencher would be good. Also Microsoft Office, and the Adobe Suite.
I would very much like the opportunity to task a group of programmers to help create custom apps for iOS, even if I needed to do it as a fee for service. It would be an excellent addition. Also, I would like to see further support of the new iTunesU and help with the creation of widgets for iBooks, because this clearly is a direction we are headed for using technology in the classroom.
I would love Blackboard to recognize student ID as a unique identifier. This is the only information we can enter into a scantron, and Blackboard doesn't allow the direct upload of this information.
I would like to see us support "Dropbox" - it is a free system that would be an optional download but it should be installed on terminals for students/staff/faculty to access and log into.
I would like to see permanent archival storage of videos online for access in the future (rather than limited-term storage and a CD sent to the originator).  I also would like to see more email storage, but things now are much better than they were in that regard.
I would have to educate myself about this to answer it accurately.
I work daily with Filemaker Pro software and it would be nice if UT could support this a little better
I wish there was better support for Mac users.
I wish the university provided more space for research web sites at a reasonable price or even for free to faculty.

I also wish the UT email system could handle larger files, although with Dropbox it is less of a problem.
I vastly prefer that individual academic licenses be offered with additional special faculty discounts with PayPal as an option for payment. This alone would increase my productivity more than any other single thing that might be feasible.
I think the most important thing for me is that you have more staff with more knowledge and experience.
I think it is pointless to build new classrooms with everything except an in-class computer work station -- they can be installed so as to be very difficult to steal.  It's very frustrating when you spend five minutes connecting up a laptop and then find out that there's a connectivity problem or an access problem or an application problem or all three.
I rely on OIT to provide services and stay aware of what's on the horizon. I don't have the time to keep up with all the changes.
I know of none
I do not know much about these things.  It might be that I could use some of them.
I could use some training on the iPad2 provided it is offered online.  I am based 2 hours away from UTK.
I am satisfied.
I am satisfied with the services that OIT offers, I cannot think in any other service.
I am an intense user of


but did not see that listed in questionairre
Help with home computers used for work--not hardware fixes, but software and tmail problems
having a network that faculty can all save materials to so that they can be shared and accessed from different computers would be nice
GraphPad Instat or Prism
GIS software and training
Full acess to Servey Monkey would be helpful in several cases.
Free iPads for all instructors to interface with the new HSS classrooms. In the past, there used to be some kind of online class for students for MS Word that seems to have gone away. A good tutorial would be nice.
Frankly, I need more info about the services already available first.
E-Prime, Presentation
eliminate dead spots for wi-fi access
Easier interfacing of third party softwares into Banner
Drop-box style storage.
Drop MS mail.
Don't know
don't know
Do not know right now
Contractors to help with special projects when OIT staff are backlogged and cannot meet our timeframe.
COnsult with qualitative researchers on best uses of software and other methodology issues
Conduct more classes on the Ag campus to be closer to the West side of campus.
Computer backup services - preferably redundant and off-site options.
captivate or camtasia
Can't think of any at the moment.
Cannot think of ones off hand that are not too specialized
Cannot think of any right now.
Business analytics.
Bring back webmail!
better web server for individual/dept sites

better file sharing

database server?
better support for Mac users. Currently it is non-existent to the point of folks at the OIT helpdesk teetering on being rude when asked about Mac systems.
Better laptops for in-class teaching, PowerPoint, etc., on in-room kiosks provided with computers in all classrooms (like Pellissippi State). I currently use an outdated Mac provided to me by the music dept. for my lectures and it does not meet my needs- it is inadequate for many, simple applications.
Being able to upload to VolSpace  a webpage created with Rapid Weaver or similar software
Atlas.Ti for students.
atlas ti for faculty
as previously mentioned, a content management system for web presence and more developed support for SharePoint.
As an Emeritus Professor I am not in great need of most of the OIT services.
As an adjunct faculty member and first time user of Blackboard to teach an online course, mediating the Blackboard format had to be my main focus rather than the subject matter and reason I was hired. I would have liked more from CMS 110. It was awkward and frankly just scraped the surface. I realize now what a complex and layered format Blackboard is and am not even sure what I wish I had learned specifically in the tutorial. Overall, OIT has been patient and helpful but when you do not have any basic familiarity with what you are trying to ask questions about and get help with, it is limiting.
Are there better options to providing websites to faculty for student blogs? Blackboard is not a good option for this.
Any plans to rebuild in-house web development/maintenance services for faculty and departments?
Again, one-on-one tutoring would be great for Blackboard, etc.
Adobe CS licences for faculty (at least). I always seem to need Photoshop or Illustrator to prepare publication-ready figures - that's not really what those tools are meant for, but I invariably run into some problem with my figures that I only know how to fix using Photoshop or Illustrator.
Adobe Acrobat Professional
Adaptations of BANNER for departmental schedulers, and a more well-designed program than blackboard, which has become cumbersome and inelegant. There have to be other systems blackboard has not yet bought out.
A single web-based, cross-platform portal that allows transparent interaction with all university applications.
A faxing service in the Commons area would be helpful. The service on the strip is very expensive.
A decent database for recording academic productivity.
24/7 commons for students and faculty
Additional software training...not just a 1 or 2 hour workshop but more comprehensive
more than 10hrs of research computing support each semester
support in our college by IT staff that know the research software, not just hardware support
1. Scanning documents  -- the service in the library is too cumbersome.

2. A replacement for Blackboard, it is horrible.

3. Online applications systems for all graduate student applications in a department.

4. More streamlined services instead of everything being so compartmentalized (tmail, MyUTK, Blackboard, SharePoint, etc ...). If investment is made in building a streamlined system from scratch it eventually even out with what we have paid in implementing and training for multiple proprietary systems. It doesn't matter how many great systems you put forward, unless they are interconnected and contain more consistency in design and functionality, they will not be used to their greatest potential. It would be a dream to see a person/team with a vision for ALL systems implemented on campus that require interaction between administration/faculty/students. At present they all seem rather piecemeal and controlled by specific stakeholders who are not talking with one another.

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